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To all 2019 NPG Teams! Management Information Packages have been sent out to all team managers. Please ask for a copy from them as it will contain most of the information for the weekend.

It is essential that you take the time to download and read the entire document as you prepare for the weekend ahead.

if you haven't received the management information package, please contact us at

Draws will be released on Thursday evening, they will be posted on social media, on our website, they will be in the goodies bag handed to all team managers on Saturday and will be posted around the sporting grounds on Saturday!

Management Info Pack

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  • Jodie Sampson

NPG OPENING CEREMONY • The NPG Opening Ceremony will occur at 8:00am SHARP on Saturday the 20th at the at the Tamworth Sports Dome and this will double as our managers meeting for the sports and the delivery point for the NPG caps, we look forward to seeing you all there. • This event will go for approximately 45 minutes. 08:00am – 08:45am before games will commence at 9:30am at sporting venues. • Present will be Australian Olympians Gemma Etheridge (Rio Olympics, Gold medalist, Rugby Sevens), Ella Nelson (Rio Olympics, 9th in the 200m) and Anneliese Rubie (Rio Olympics, semi-final and final in the 400m & 4x400m) • All sporting venues are within a 15-minute drive from the Tamworth Sports Dome. It is important that teams playing in the 9:30am games depart immediately after the NPG Opening Ceremony.

We’re pleased to confirm that Kevin Anderson, MP, Member for Tamworth will be the Master of Ceremonies for the opening Ceremony.

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Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Demon CrossFit

Demon CrossFit is here to help you improve your life through fitness, no one is ever to old or unfit to start. You only have to take the step.

What is CrossFit.... The official definition of CrossFit is: "constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity." ... Many exercises are bodyweight-oriented, such as burpees, push-ups, jump rope, pull-ups, running, and more."

Demon CrossFit is located at Bay 3, 25 Cook St, Tamworth. Want more inforemation, call 0409 832 869.

Here's what one Demon Crossfitter had had to say...

"Atmosphere at demon strength is one which you wont find anywhere else. The people are motivating, supportive, welcoming, non judgemental, and accomodating for any level of fitness or strength. Justin the owner/trainer only wants what is best for his members and will go out of his way to ensure participants are performing safely and that every session you leave with another achievement to your name no matter how big or small it is Fantastic setup with quality equipment. Give it a go!"


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